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About Digital Link

Digital Link - An idea was born

Born in 2000 when founder, Bhavik Patel, noticed there was very few truly independent home entertainment installers that have a retail store.

The shop allows us to talk to you, face to face, about your home entertainment needs. As time has evolved, the phone, email & social media have allowed multiple way to talk to us… but we still like the old fashioned way…using your voice and talking.

Bhavik Patel

Founder and Head Honcho

Guiding the business through highs and lows, I have tried to embody myself in the business – Friendly, approachable and straight talking. What I don’t know about technology and installation is not worth knowing. Im an expert in simplifying technical terms and making you feel comfortable with the work we do.

Outside work, im a runner, cyclist, reader, pianist and all round great guy. Enjoy weekends away with friends and weekends at home with the family.

Dharmesh Varajidas

Chief Engineer and Second in Charge

To plan the work and carry it out in a systematic and organised manner is my strength. Always having a patient approach, I believe in thinking before starting, and making sure I get it right first time. I love learning bout ew parts and techniques and implementing them into my work.

Outside work, I enjoy football, reading, family time with my wife and daughters and friends at the café.

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Why come to us

Lots of installers like talking in technical terms, either to confuse you or to allow them to charge you more. We don’t think this is right. We explain things in the simplest way so you understand your options and if you want to get technical, we can go there all day long.

There are three founding principles which the whole business operates on and we stand by on a daily basis. We believe its these things that have allowed us to keep our doors open, through the toughest financial crisis, and still be here smiling everyday.

The best install for your home is a combination of these three principles:


What we use

Over our years we have tested and used almost every part and material to complete work. The cables, the clips, the dishes, the aerials, the access points…you name it, we have tried it and we have now whittled it down a small number of suppliers who build exceptional parts and provide the technical support we need.

This means that when our work is done, we very rarely have to return due to substandard parts. This helps you, as your install just works, everyday. Also, we don’t waste our time returning to troubleshoot issues which should never have happened.


How we fit

With everyone in our installation team, our aim is to make sure we install the way we would if we were installing in our own homes. This means we think about the work before we start, not just rush in with the power tools.

We discuss what we will do with you before starting. If we find a way which is more difficult for us, but the end result will look better for you, that’s what we do. If there is something you want to ask or discuss, the engineers are happy to stop work and explain. Just an offer of a nice hot drink will keep them sweet.


After we finish

With most installers, this is where the work is done. For us, this is where our relationship with you begins. If on the very rare occasion, you have an issue, we will always prioritise you over any new work. We want to get you back on track as soon as we can. Even if we come and its not a technical fault, but a user error, which most times it is, we wont charge you. We know mistake can happen.

We have a very human approach, not a terms and conditions approach. This is why most of our business comes from existing customers and recommendations. We know that if you do recommend us, we will look after your friends and family the exact same way.

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