Mr Handley, Mickleover, Derby
New dream home, fully connected


Working closely with Electricians, we got called into a new house being built by Mr Handley in Derby. We were shown the plans and he required three Sky Q boxes to be watched and controlled in six rooms in 4k, CCTV to be viewed on all TV’s, Freeview HD in 7 rooms, Wi-Fi signal both inside and outside the house on Sky Fibre Broadband.


The electricians had already routed the cables to each point but only had 1 x Cat6 and 1 x Coax point per room. This left us little to work with but we were determined to get the end result for Mr Handley. The house was still in build phase so we had a little time to put together a list of equipment to achieve the end result.

We liaised with Mr Handley by phone and email with the exact specifications of our choices with different budget options. He went with our recommendations so we were in close communication with the electricians to advise us when they wanted us to come in. We were ready to complete our work.


To fulfil the requirements given to us at the outset, we went for a combination or quality and reliability, as always:

1. HDAnywwhere 8 x 6 + 2 4K Matrix

2. Ubiquiti Access points

3. Ubiquiti POE Switch

4. Ubiquiti Outdoor POE Splitter

5. Non Penetrating Roof mount

6. Sky Zone 2 Dish & Vision V10-28L Log

7. Wolsey 8 Way Amplifier

8. Sky Q 2TB + 2 x Sky miniboxes


We firstly decided to install the dish and aerial system for Sky Q and Freeview HD. We were under strict instructions not to drill into the building so we went for a non-penetrating roof mount on his flat roof. We used the cables routed by the electricians to the top floor and traced them down to the comms room on the ground floor. We installed the Amplifier so all the TV points were ready for Freeview and Sky Q could be installed. As we are Sky Authorised, we arranged a great deal a for the Sky channels and Sky Q boxes and liaised with them for convenient dates for install.

Secondly, when Sky was installed, we got to work installing the HD Matrix. We traced the Cat6 cables to each room that required signal and installed the 4K HD baluns behind each TV. We programmed each room into the matrix and ensured that all three Sky Q boxes could be seen in the six rooms. We also set the CCTV to a fourth input so he could see his cameras from any room. In terms of controlling the Sky boxes, each room could control any box, all from one remote. Each room has its own remote.

Thirdly, we installed the Ubiquiti gigabit switch and traced out the cables to get an even distribution of Wi-Fi signal inside. We chose Access points which worked in the areas, for both indoor and outdoor. As there was only one cable routed outside, we installed an outdoor POE splitter, and then ran another cable off this to the 2nd location. We walk tested the whole area, inside and out, and were happy with the range achieved.

Once everything was up and running, Mr Handley could sit in his outdoor hot tub and watch his beloved Derby County in style. We continue to be at hand to support Mr Handley and are completely happy with the equipment choice and service we provided and continue to provide.

The guys from Digital Link meticulously planned and installed all the equipment we wanted. They visited a number of times to ensure it was configured as requested and to show us how it works. We know they are always at hand if we need, even though they are in another city. Thanks you guys for the hard work
Mr Handley

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