Safe and sound all year round


Smart CCTV Systems for your home or business. High Definition clarity to police standard to ensure the safety of your property.

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Hi Def

We only use HD cameras. From 1mp to 8mp, we can install a range of systems to suit your property


Hear what going on with built in Mics. You can hear live and constantly record audio to use as evidence if required.


Our engineer can visit your property, assess the vulnerable points and plan out a system for you that works in your budget.


Not only do we give you a full handover once installed, we are available on the phone for adhoc support, when you need.


A neat and tidy install is our priority. We keep all cables tucked away, wear shoe protectors and lay dust sheets on all our jobs. Installation

App Access

View your cameras from anywhere in the world with internet access. You can view and playback on the app as well as record on your phone.

UK Sourced

All the equipment we supply is UK sourced. This ensures the highest build quality, long warranties and good after sales.

Night Vision

With the Sony sensors in the cameras, they ensure impeccable viewing at night, even in pitch black areas.


Protect your home with the latest, highly secure, app controlled, state-of-the-art alarm system. Stay in control wherever you are

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Our high power siren generates a very loud noise inside and outside the property if activated. A huge deterrent and high shock value.

App Access

Arm and disarm your system from your device. Get a audible notification on your device if your alarm is triggered. Stay in control, always.

Smart Keys

Arm and disarm your system with a fob, so no codes to remember and monitor who is coming in and out when assigned to a person.

Smoke Alarm

Add a smoke detector linked to the alarm. Get notified of a fire quickly and act fast if your not at home by notifying a neighbour.


Link Internal and External CCTV cameras to your system so you can see and hear what is going on and who is going in or out your premises.

Pet Friendly

The indoor sensors a pet sensitive so you can activate the alarm and leave your furry family members indoor without it being set off.


You can also cover the exterior of your property so you can get notified if someone if loitering around the outside.


A neat and tidy install is our priority. We keep all cables tucked away, wear shoe protectors and lay dust sheets on all our jobs.

Security Lighting

Protect your home with the latest lighting technology to light up your paths and deter unwanted people away.

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From 10W to 100W lights, we supply and install lights for all areas of your home and business.


As they only light up upon detecting movement, it will deter intruders and as they use less energy, no big impact on your energy bills.


We can plan a lighting system around your whole property so there are no areas which are left vulnerable.


By planning early, you will be ensuring the safety of your property from unwanted intruders. The bright lights are a huge deterrent.

Your Way

We can set how dark it is before the light activates, how long they stay on and what range they detect movement. .


We can plan the best routes from power sockets to the lights no unsightly cables. Keep your home looking tidy.

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