Mr Sadiq, Ingarsby, Leicestershire
Whole House Audio, HD, Wifi and Security


When Mr Sadiq first called us, it was to say he had bought a new house which he was gutting, extending and redecorating, and he would need our help to get it kitted out with all the right technology.

We did an initial site visit, in which he walked us through the plans and what he wanted to the end results to be. He wanted Sky HD & Control in all rooms with all sky boxes hidden away, Music in all areas of the house, 16 camera CCTV system, Good wifi in all areas including outside & 2 new TV’s. With this information and the floor plans, we started putting a system plan together for him.


Once the shell was complete, the electricians had started work on the electrics. They said that as they were pulling the cables, they could pull any cables we wanted at the same time. We planned out all the positions for the TV’s, speakers, wifi access points and cameras and put together a floor plan for them to follow. All the cabling was routed back to the loft where all the equipment will be housed. The cabling we supplied was as follows:

500m QED Professional Speaker Cable

500m Webro WF100 Coax Cable

1220m Ice Cat6 Cable

Whilst they were routing the cables, we made regular site visits to ensure the work was being done to our requirement and to answer any questions if needed. Once the cabling was complete, we tested all the cables to ensure we were ready for second fix. At this stage, due to the scale of the project, we knew we would be off site for a substantial period of time whilst the build was being complete. We would only need to come back when the decorating was nearly complete.


Over the time whilst we are off site, we compiled an equipment list that would provide reliability and ease of use, whilst giving the end result Mr Sadiq wanted. We also suggested moving some equipment from his current house as this would still be good for the new house The equipment chosen was:

1. Sony 65” 4K OLED TV with Full Motion Sanus Bracket.

2. Sony 49” 4K LED TV

3. 9 x Sonos Connect Amps

4. 20 x Kef CI200QR Ceiling Speakers

5. 20 x Fire ceiling hoods

6. 1 x 5 Shelf Data Racking Unit

7. 24 Channel SPRO CCTV DVR

8. 16 x SPO 5mp IP Cameras

9. 5 x Wyrestorm HD baluns


When Mr Sadiq informed us of a moving in date, we started the equipment install. Firstly, we decided to install the CCTV system. It was important we covered all external areas for both daytime and night. Due to the scale of the garden, we wanted to make sure there were no dead spots, so alignment was key. Once this was complete, we connected it up to all the mobile devices so he had constant access when required. We also got it ready so they could be viewed from any TV in the house.

Next, we installed the ceiling speakers. When the house was in build phase, we used the speaker template to cut out the holes in the ceiling ready for this phase. Due to a change in building regulations, any ceiling speakers installed in new renovations now need a fire hood, so these were installed with the speakers. We also installed Bose Outdoor speakers on his balcony. Wherever Mr Sadiq walked in his property, he could hear what he wanted in concert like quality. Each room also has independent access so the whole family can listen to what they like individually. We have even connected Sky so he can here what’s on his sky box through the speakers. Again, all the Sonos control amps were installed in the loft, hidden away.

For the TV installations, the 65” Sony was positioned on a full motion Sanus Bracket in the main lounge. Kitchen had the 49” Sony on a Vivanco Tilt Bracket. The Master Bedroom had their existing Samsung 55” Smart LED with both Boys bedrooms having the existing Sony 40” Smart LED TV. Each room had an independent Sky + HD signal with full control, Freeview HD, an Apple TV and CCTV viewing. The boxes were connected via Wyrestorm 2K HD Baluns with IR Control. Reliable and robust quality and more importantly, works every time a button is pressed.

Finally, we installed the TP link access points. We chose locations which were discrete and had maximum coverage for the floor. There was two on the top floor and the routers in the loft. There are three on the ground floor. They are all programmed with the same SSID and Passwords for seamless whole home access. The Gigabit switches with POE ensures high speed data transfer.

Mr Sadiq was impressed with the whole setup, mainly because it is so easy to use as this was one of his main requirements at planning phase. He regularly keeps in touch with more projects he has on the horizon.

Digital Link have looked after our homes and businesses for many years. The installation was done exactly to plan and even if we changed our minds during the work, Bhavik & Dharmesh were always more than happy to oblige. We are extremely pleased with the end result and will always refer them to our friends and family
Mr Sadiq

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