25 August 2019   |   by Bhavik Patel

Creating the Ultimate Home Cinema Room

Let’s say from the outset that all homes have the ability to have a dedicated Cinema Room. Imagine a large screen, awesome surround sound, a comfy seat and popcorn on tap. All this without traipsing to the cinema, extortionate popcorn pricing and someone crunching crisps behind you.

Now, a cinema room can be integrated into an existing living room or it can be a dedicated space, like a garage or basement. Firstly, and most importantly, decide on your budget. As there are so many options of equipment and layout, a budget allows us to find the best options for you. Secondly, call us in early to plan your space. We need to come in when it’s just a loose. We can then devise a proper plan for you.

Electricians are not home cinema specialists and rarely know the optimal positions for the speakers and projector. It is simply not possible to work out the exact location of the cabling without planning the equipment first. We have been called in to work miracles after the electrician has laid substandard cables to the wrong positions. It simply cannot happen without the end result being a mess, which is something we do not want to be credited with. We are happy to work alongside them if they are pulling cables but let us do the planning in the right way.

Next Steps

Give us a call on 01162 680 555 to book an initial survey so we can work on a plan for you in your budget. Once this is agreed, we plan first fix cabling. We can provide the cable and a plan for your electricians to follow or we can come and do this for you. Once the cables are laid, we do the cable testing to make sure the signal is passing correctly. We then leave until the room is nearly complete, in terms of build and decorating, and then return to do final fix with equipment. We ensure everything is installed, as planned, and calibrated for the optimal picture and sound quality. We then give you a working demonstration of the system.

Our installation service is the best guarantee of getting the best end results. We have the technical ability to maximise the outputs all round. Take a look at our installation work on this site or via our Social media feeds
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