25 August 2019   |   by Bhavik Patel

No More Wi-Fi Frustrations

There is so much demand from the Wi-Fi signal these days with more and more devices connecting to it. How quickly it connects, works and stays connected is now becoming a frustration for many due to the importance to day-to-day life.

Some frustrations include no signal in certain parts of the building so no internet banking possible. The number of devices connected means speed issues which means your Youtube video constantly buffering. When guests arrive, they try to connect to it but they can’t. These are common daily occurrences for a lot of people in the UK.

For businesses, this can be even more disastrous as work becomes hard to do due to signal issues and customers struggle to use the signal leading to a poor customer experience. This leads to inefficient work practices and staff being unproductive.

Many people have bought plug in range extenders which can do a job but as they rely on the mains cabling of the building, the signal fluctuates wildly due to the noise down the power cable. Also, there is a huge drop in speed so a substandard service also.

We have thought long and hard about this and come up with a whole building Wi-Fi solution. Firstly, we carry out a survey in your home or business and work out where the range is deficient. We then plan the type of access points needed and how we will route the cabling. When we do the install, we make sure we use neatest routing and right access points based on the building structure and we hard wire to make sure the speed you’re getting from the router stays exactly the same.

We install onto ceilings or high up on walls so they are out of the way and give coverage. We also program them so they have the same name and password as the router so it perfectly syncs with your devices so if guests come, one password gives them access wherever they are.

Next Steps

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No More Wi-Fi Frustrations

There is so much demand from the Wi-Fi signal these days with more and more devices connecting...