25 August 2019   |   by Bhavik Patel

Electricians are not AV Experts

With so many people deciding on house renovations instead of moving, building extensions or completely remodelling homes has become more and more popular.

Rightly so, one of the first trades called in is the electricians. A lot of them will also say that whilst they are running the power cables, they can also run the cable for your AV, network and security systems. In theory, this is correct but this oversimplifies what is actually needed. For you to have the best end results in any entertainment, Wi-Fi or security system, the quality of the cabling and a plan of the cable routing is imperative.

Nowadays, network cable (cat5/6) is becoming hugely important due to its versatility, as well as coax and speaker cables. The exact positions and the number of runs to each point is crucial and must be done at first fix stage, the same time as the electrician’s running their cables.

Say you wanted just the TV in the main lounge, and all the other equipment, like the sky box, amplifier & CCTV in a central comms area outside the room. This is possible with the provisions of Cat6 cabling and convertors. There is no point running Cat5 cabling if you want 4K, it won’t work. Also, there is no point running cheap speaker cables to the roof space if it’s too close the cross beams as the speaker won’t fit. Also, if you only run one cable to the TV point, then this severely limits what you have can view on the TV.

It’s all these factors which determine how the system will work when you’re sitting on your sofa wanting to enjoy the latest movies. Why leave this in the hands of the electricians who have limited knowledge on what is now possible. All these things need to be drawn into your floor plans and then, based on what you want the end result to be, the correct type and amount of cabling to be laid.

Electricians are brilliant at what they do but don’t let them plan this for you, unless they have the relevant experience and training. Once the cabling is routed and the painting and decorating complete, it is difficult to rectify or change things without causing a mess. This will leave you with a beautiful room with an inferior system that just does not work the way you want which you will just have to live with it if you don’t want substantial more cost.

It is so important that if you want to watch or listen to what you want, where you want and in the best quality possible and with no hassle at all, get us in early. We will also be able to integrate a security alarm, CCTV and lighting system so you can live in comfort and safety, which is how your home should feel.

Next Steps

Give us a call on 01162 680 555 for a chat and to make sure you’re on the right path. We are happy to work alongside electricians by providing them the right cable and a plan for them to follow to ensure its done the right way. We then come in to check the cabling and test to ensure we are good for second fix equipment install. Don’t leave it too late, pick up the phone now.

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